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OLIVIA ROCCO is a home decor brand founded in Manchester, UK. We have been focusing on building strong and professional relationships. The company is concentrated heavily in craftsmanship and quality. Our designers are truly aware of the importance of mixing the right fabric, the right feel, in order to make the finest products available. We are a full service company taking care of every single step within the product development. 

At OLIVIA ROCCO we are committed to innovation, to the development of new ideas that create value for our followers. We think honesty is essential. Our knowledge allows us to develop a depth knowledge of our customers needs. We are passionate about their projects, we get involved, with an unfailing eye for perfection. It is simple, we are absolutely dedicated to create timeless and high-quality products in home textiles. 

Our backbone is an extensive line of luxury bed linen for the home that combine stylish, stand-out design with the finest material and detailing. In addition, OLIVIA ROCCO product range includes home linen, bath linen, kitchenware, nightwear and loungewear. We are a young but growing enterprise with innovative ideas. We oversee the whole product lifecycle from the design to manufacture.

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