Why Your Bedding Should Match Your Room Curtains?

While your curtains do not have to match their patterns and colours completely, they sure have to complement each other. Choosing the right bedding and curtains can have an impact on you and even be responsible for whether you have a good or bad night's sleep. Science itself emphasises the importance of colours and shows the relationship between the right choice of bedding and curtains and sound sleep. 

Additionally, fabric matchups have a long way to creating a comprehensive, cohesive look in the bedroom. Even fabric choices factor in because fabrics affect the bedroom's atmosphere and mood. Rayon and silk may serve as an ideal combination for your bedding. Choices of matching colour and design arise after deciding the choice of fabric. Good fabric will retain its colours even when sent to cleaning services. 

In this article, we will tell you why bedding should match the curtains and how to achieve a harmonised look between the two.


Enhances The Furnishing

A matching set of bedsheets and curtains will enhance the entire room design. It will make the whole room look organised, neat, and well-designed, enhancing the overall experience of staying in your bedroom. The bed and curtains take up most of the space, so there is a high chance that you'll need small furnishings for the rest of the room because most of the effort will go into complementing the two. You can always play it safe and secure, recreating a cohesive, super look. For instance, if you have sky-blue bedding, you can pair them with blue-grey curtains.


Follows A Theme

The best way to design your home is to ensure you follow a theme. Naturally, some people like their home decor to be unique with crazy and fun colours. But following a theme is the best action if you prefer an organised environment. Matching your bedding with curtains will take care of most of your room's theme because all you need is a touch-up for the rest of the room.


Cohesive And Calming

As stated earlier, the right colour choices and combinations give you a peaceful sleep at night. Although this requires choosing colours that invoke a calming effect, you can implement that colour theory on your bedding and curtain sheets for full effect. 

Additionally, the cohesive look in a bedroom is super trendy; in fact, it has stayed on the trend for a long time. Your room becomes instagrammable, and you can share videos and moments in your bedroom while having a stunning matching aesthetic as your background.

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How Should You Choose Your Curtains?


Experiment With Patterns

With a pool of patterns and shades to choose from, you must pick the ones that best complement the bedding. There are many ways to determine which designs suit you best, but the ideal way is to get samples and compare them next to each other. Another good way is to avoid patterns overall and adopt the "less is more" mentality. Either opt for plain bedding or a plain shaded curtain. Pattern beddings work perfectly with plain curtains and vice versa.

It's important to note that patterned fabric becomes your room's focal point, so having your bedding and curtain as the focal point can create a chaotic environment. 


Consider Room Size 

Sometimes the size of your bedroom can create styling issues, and most homeowners need to remember to put the size into the equation. Lighting also plays a part, so your curtains and bedding should be in harmony with all of this. Smaller bedrooms work better with lighter pallets as it allows as much light around the room as possible. And since the bed is the largest piece of furniture, smaller, less prominent prints will make it feel less cluttered. There aren't hard and fast set rules, but with a bigger room, there's more space to experiment with what you enjoy best.


To Sum Up

There are various reasons to match your bedding with room curtains. To enhance the rest of your room decor, a matching bedding set with a curtain set is just what you need. It creates a stylish cohesive look with little effort required. It also follows a theme when you ensure that both sheets complement each other. The matching sets will also provide a comforting atmosphere for you to have a good night's sleep. While choosing curtains, always consider the room size and experiment with different styles of patterns to see which suits your bed sheets best. 

We hope this article has been insightful and has shown you the benefits of matching your bedding with curtains. Thank you for reading!

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