How To Put Together A Housewarming Gift Basket

Moving into a new home is exciting news. But how can you help your friends or family celebrate such a special moment? We have the perfect answer: you can put together a housewarming gift basket. You can make the basket themed and load it with items that will aid the receiver in settling into their new home. Nothing beats gifting something new and practical to your close ones to wish them well in their new home. However, such gifts are not appropriate just for close friends or family members. For instance, if you have new neighbour's moving down the street, a housewarming gift basket can be the perfect way to welcome them to the neighbourhood. But what should you put in a housewarming gift basket? Continue reading to learn about some unique ideas you may implement or use as inspiration.


What questions should you ask yourself before putting together a gift basket?

Sometimes, the reason your friend or relative moved into a new home can be essential in picking what you put in the gift basket. For instance, if the motive is downsizing, you might want to keep the basket on the less is more side. Or, if the reason is a new baby, you can consider the new family member when adding items to the basket. The parents will appreciate it deeply. Also, with a basket, you can provide the parents with much-needed baby items, especially if they are first-time parents. The same goes for first-time home buyers. They will need many essential house items, from wooden spoons to tea towels, to equip their new house and make it feel like a home. As a result, before you put together a housewarming gift basket, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are the recipients downsizing or upsizing?
  • Are they first-time homebuyers?
  • Are they first-time parents?
  • Are they moving for a job?
  • Are they new in town?

The answers to these questions will assist you in creating a more customised and practical housewarming basket.


What will you need

As expected, one of the first things you will need is a type of basket. You can choose a basket made of nearly any material, but it must serve its purpose. That means it needs to be able to hold all the items you will put inside. Therefore, we recommend you go with a woven basket of twine, bamboo, reeds, or oak bark. They can be repurposed and are ideal for those who are environmentally conscious. Alternatively, you can choose wooden baskets in the shape of crates or even metal baskets. They can also be reused and look even prettier than you may think. After you have chosen your basket, it’s time to move to the next step of putting together your housewarming gift.


Choose a theme

Now that you have the foundation of your gift, you need to decide what items you will put inside. You need to think of the people that will receive it and what they could use. For instance, you can help your friends before they move into their new home by packing a basket for moving day. Moving can be stressful, as you know, and if you can help them through the process, they would be grateful. And even more so since people tend to forget to care for themselves in stressful moments. Therefore, you can pack some of their favorite snacks, some sweets for energy, fruit for vitamins, water bottles, tissues, a first aid kit, and so on. If you also want to help them have fun on the road, if they are moving long-distance, you can add activity books, a phone holder, a list of fun podcasts, gift cards for audiobooks, and you can keep adding to the list.

Here are some additional suggestions to help you choose the right gift basket for your loved ones.


A basket for relaxation

We have a terrific idea for a basket that contains items that will help the receiver relax after the move. First, you can put some scented candles inside. Lavender scented candles, for instance, are a great choice. Then, you can add a box of relaxing herbal tea, an essential oil diffuser, cozy socks, an inspirational book, or some delicious chocolates. In addition, you can make the basket spa-oriented and add body lotions, massage oils, bath bombs, bath robes, and natural soap bars.


A cook’s basket

If your pals enjoy cooking, there is a gift basket for them just as well. It can be filled with a cutting board, measuring spoons and cups, cheese knives, engraved cutlery, or personalised plates. In addition, you can add a cookbook or two or recipe cards with their favorite meals. And if the basket is for a couple who enjoys drinking wine, you can add a bottle with a customised label. Complete the basket with cork coasters, a candle, matches, and a romantic dinner for the young lovebirds is inevitable.


A cozy basket

If you know your family member or friend loves warmth and coziness, you can put together the cosiest housewarming gift basket for them. First, include a beautiful throw blanket that can be used as a décor accessory just as well. Then, you can add some fuzzy pillows, warm bed sheets, or fluffy slippers. And if you want to take things a step further, put in a faux fur rug. For many people, stepping on something warm and fluffy first thing in the morning is a dream come true.


How to pack the basket?

When you have all the items you need to put together a housewarming gift basket, it’s time to assemble it. First, place the largest object you have inside the basket. That way, you will have it out of the way and make a stable base for the basket. Then, add the other items in size order. If you have tea towels and a bottle of wine, you can wrap the towels around the bottle to protect it and make a cute decoration at the same time. If you want to add a small plant or a bouquet, leave it at the end. Also, if you wish to add a card, place it in an easily visible position. It should be one of the first things the recipient sees. In the end, just stick a bow on the basket, and that’s it. Your perfect housewarming gift basket is ready to be delivered.

Congratulations! Now you know how to put together a housewarming gift basket. So if you get invited to a housewarming party, you will now bring the perfect present for such a celebration.

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