How To Choose The Finest-Quality Towels

Towels are often underestimated when it comes to home essentials. However, they are used and washed daily and present one of the hardest-working items in your bathroom. Also, if they’re placed on an open shelf, towels can complement the bathroom style and don’t stick out. Finally, if you’re setting up a guest bathroom, you want the best possible items for all the dear people that will spend the night in your home. Therefore, it’s essential to choose the finest-quality towels for your home. This guide will help you pick the most stylish, durable materials that will be soft to the touch and make your bathroom look amazing.


Size Of The Towels

Let’s start with the size of the towels you need for your bathroom. Even though there are some standard options, try to decide the size you need. Every household has different needs, so pick your towels according to them. The most common size is 70x120cm, which is usually enough for drying out after your bath. Apart from bath towels, you can also get hand towels that commonly come in size 50x80cm and are placed around the sink. Depending on your household size and your needs, get the appropriate number of towels.



When it comes to materials, the best way to choose the finest-quality towels is to look for the 100% cotton tag. Such towels are the most durable option and provide maximum softness and absorbing power. However, you can also find microfiber, linen, or bamboo towels that are great for some other conditions we’ll talk about later. Whether you buy towels in a store or online, look for the tag or read the description to find more information on materials.



One of the ways to decide if you’re buying a high-quality towel is to touch it and see how ‘thick’ it is. Thicker towels are softer to the touch and absorb moisture a lot better. However, you can easily decide if a towel is thick enough when shopping in a store. When you look for the finest-quality towels in online stores, you need to know more about the weight of the material.

Check the GSM of the towels you like – their grams per square meter. Comparing the towels, you’ll see that towels with higher GSM are thicker and, therefore, more expensive. In general, high-quality towels have GSM over 500, so be sure to check that information in the description or on the tag. Use this tip to compare it to the towels you already have to see if that’s the quality you’re looking for.


Weave Type

The wave type can also tell you more about the towels’ quality and how they ‘behave’ with moisture. There are a couple of common types of weave to choose from:

  • Terry cloth is probably the most common, thick material with classic, tight loops. You can find such towels in hotels.

  • Turkish towel also has a tight weave, yet it’s quite lightweight and durable. On the other hand, these towels are not as absorbing as the one we mentioned before.

  • Waffle weave or honeycomb has the most luxurious texture, allowing a good rub and great absorbing power. However, they might shrink if you wash them in hot water or dry them in a dryer.


Choose The Appropriate Towel For Your Needs

The size, material, and type of weave will depend on the purpose the towels you get will have in your home. They also depend on the conditions and room you’ll keep them in. Here are some tips on picking your towels according to their purpose:

  • Basic bath towels should be made of cotton, as you’ll use them next to your tub for drying. They should be durable, absorb and dry quickly, and be easy to wash and dry after use.

  • Bamboo towels are great for spaces with bad ventilation, as they keep the musty smell and microbes away. Sometimes you can see rayon on the label or a mix of bamboo and cotton.

  • Microfiber-based towels are perfect for your home gym or for keeping them in your gym bag when you head out to exercise. The reason why they are the best option here is that they dry out very quickly.

  • Linen towels are perfect for a powder room, as they can be very decorative and still do a great job when someone washes their hands.

Bonus tip for towel shopping: It’s best to go through your home and check the situation with the towels you already have. These are one of the items we forget to update from time to time, and they can show signs of wear and tear. So, see the condition of the towels you have now, and see if it might be time to replace them with some new ones. Make a list, so you’ll know how many of them you need and what types and sizes you should cover before shopping.



Last but not least, the color of your towels can make a big difference to the bathroom space. They can be that finishing touch you need to create a cozy, luxurious feeling in the room. It’s best to pick the colors that will complement the color scheme of your bathroom. However, if your bathroom is in neutral or basic color tones, you can play with colors here and choose them according to season. Bright colors for summer or spring, brown, deep orange, or beige for autumn, and some fun ones for the holiday season in winter.


Final Comment

Do you need to spend a lot of money choosing the finest-quality towels for your home? Absolutely not! With our tips, you’ll be able to base your search on the quality, not on the price. This will help you find affordable towels while having the softest touch, high-quality texture, and luxurious colour. However, don’t forget that getting the finest-quality towels means you need to take good care of them to make them last longer. Do separate laundry sessions for towels where you can adjust the temperature and choose fabric softeners and detergents that won’t harm their quality. Proper maintenance will pay off this investment so that you can have beautiful towels for as long as possible.

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