Different Types Of Kitchen Towels And How To Use Them

Kitchen towels are an essential kitchen tool that’s commonly overlooked. But this doesn’t mean that it isn’t important. Just like with other cooking tools, choosing the right one can make cooking easier. And in this case, it will make your kitchen more hygienic. Cooking will be easier, and you won’t have to switch your kitchen towels as much when you have different types of kitchen towels. Best of all, your kitchen will look organized and clean with the addition of different kitchen towels.


Types Of Kitchen Towels

Based on their functionality, size, and material, there are different types of kitchen towels. Kitchen towels don’t just have to be functional. They can be decorative and make your kitchen shine. First and foremost, the dish towel is the most commonly used kitchen towel. They are simple, don’t take up too much space, and do a good job of removing water from dishes. But they shouldn’t be used for everything. With so many different types of kitchen towels available, you won’t have to use only these.


Use Kitchen Towels According To Their Functionality

Kitchen towels can be used for so many different things when cooking. They are mostly used for drying clean dishes. But there are many different things they can be used for. Instead of using just one kitchen towel for everything, use a variety of them. When you use kitchen towels according to their function, you get to use them in the best possible way. Also, they will stay clean for longer. You may be tempted to use your kitchen towels for dishes for drying your hands as well. But, this can be a bad idea, as it isn’t a very hygienic option.

Another kitchen towel you can add is one for wiping down surfaces after finishing the cooking. By wiping down the surfaces after every use, your kitchen will look spotless. In addition, you can use a smaller kitchen towel to disinfect the countertops after wiping them down. Now, you can safely cook your next meal. During cooking, you can have one kitchen towel to dry off washed vegetables. They will be easier to chop and cook this way. You can do the same with the cutting board, especially if you own a wooden one. It will last much longer when you take good care of it like this.

A chef’s towel is a very important tool in any kitchen, especially a professional one. They are thicker and more durable than regular dish towels. You can use this kitchen towel to handle hot pots or to clean up any crumbs and stains. Either way, it can come in handy to have it nearby. A hand towel, as the name suggests, is used for drying off your hands. This can be very useful, as you will need to wash your hands a lot when cooking food. As for the decorative kitchen towels, these are called tea towels. You can match them with the rest of your kitchen towels and use them as décor pieces.

Types Of Kitchen Towels By Their Materials

The most commonly used kitchen towels are made from cotton. There’s no wonder this material is used the most. Items made from cotton can last much longer than other materials. They are easily used and washed. Another great option is purchasing linen kitchen towels. They are just as soft and absorbent as cotton ones.

Besides these two options, you can’t go wrong with terrycloth, either. This kind of kitchen towel can absorb liquid even better than cotton. Microfiber kitchen towels are another popular option. These are good options for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. But, for drying dishes and your hands, go with one of the first three materials mentioned here.

Organizing And Storing Kitchen Towels

With so many different types of kitchen towels in one home, it’s essential to stay organized. Sort them into different categories by their functionality first. Afterward, sort them by their size. If you want to, you can label the shelves so you can easily find everything quickly. This can be especially useful if you choose to sort them into baskets and boxes. You’ll find every kitchen towel you need without having to ruin the perfectly organized shelves.

If you don’t have a pantry or a shelving system you can use for your kitchen towels, there are other options. Storage solutions for your kitchen towels can be easy to install. And, best of all, they are affordable. In the kitchen, a storage cart is always a good addition. It will make the space more beautiful as well as add more storage room. Another smart solution is to maximize space in your kitchen with vertical storage solutions. Open shelving is the best and most affordable solution for small kitchens. Also, hangers for everyday kitchen towels are a must.

Designs Of Kitchen Towels

Aside from functionality and materials, kitchen towels can be distinguished by their design. This is an important thing to consider, as it will influence the overall look of your kitchen. Although kitchen towels may seem like a small detail, they will still draw attention when you walk into your kitchen. Therefore, it’s crucial to pick a design that will make you happy.

When choosing kitchen towels, see which size would be best before you settle on the design. After this, find the best color scheme that will match the rest of your kitchen. If you are buying an entirely new set, you can pick whatever you want. But, if you are looking to match your new kitchen towels with the existing ones, go for neutral.

Final Thoughts

As we can see, there are so many different types of kitchen towels. And each one is just as useful as the next. When you combine these different types of kitchen towels, you make your kitchen functional. Cooking and keeping up with a clean kitchen will never be easier with them. Best of all, this vital tool will make your kitchen look stylish. So, when choosing your next set of kitchen towels, keep these types in mind. You will go home with a set that is functional, and that fits your home perfectly.
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