Women's Loungewear: Buying Tips and Secrets

Loungewear is a girl’s best friend as we all want to look fashionable yet comfortable while relaxing at home. We all prefer the loungewear that’s not only super comfortable to sleep in or chill on the sofa but also neat and practical to go outside. Long gone are the times when the usual women loungewear had little or no creative integration of fashion, colours, or designs. We are talking about the pyjama’s you would never dare to leave the house wearing.

Loungewear can be just as equally sophisticated and chic as other trendy clothes. With an increase in the aesthetic clothing options for women, you will be stunned by the choices in women’s loungewear. Some people like robes, some like gowns, and some like more separates like a looser top or comfy pyjama. A nice set of loungewear can make you feel much more put together without sacrificing your comfort.

When it comes to sleepwear, OLIVIA ROCCO offers something for everyone and allows you to tune it with your own style. Our loungewear collection really sets us apart as we focus on more trend-led styles along with comfort and luxe look. Our sleepwear includes robes, pyjama sets, and oversized hoodies that you can wear while watching Netflix, working from home or running errands. This absolute guide has everything you need to know about loungewear and will clarify all the confusion about sleepwear once and for all.


What is Loungewear?

The literal meaning of loungewear is informal clothing designed to be worn at home. It non-restrictive, casual house clothing that looks and feels good, mostly made of soft material.

Basically, it can be any piece of clothing you feel comfortable in. If we talk from a fashion perspective, loungewear is a fusion clothing you might want to wear to work as well.

A century ago, loungewear was reserved to be worn only inside the house. But luckily those days have long gone and now you can see people wearing pyjamas, hoodies, and tracksuits outdoors. Today, loungewear can be referred to as a casual attire that is highly comfortable, keeps the wearer looking put together, and also apposite for leaving the house. It includes sweatpants, T-shirts, pyjama sets, hoodies, and robes.

The term loungewear is confusing itself because it is constantly evolving to fit your needs. It’s confusing for the majority of people to decide what to wear in public, which is sartorially acceptable. As the lifestyle becoming more flexible and fluid, loungewear is designed to work from home. The shift in the casual clothing standard and what to wear while out and about have completely changed how we dress for different occasions. A new fashion trend has been born that makes loungewear functional both inside or outside of the house. You can see people wearing loungewear in the streets, grocery stores, and, on the planes. Clothing brands have also adapted to this new fashion category by creating loungewear collections that are not only super comfy but also look stylish and smart to dress up if required. The loungewear trend has been at the forefront of the fashion world is good news for anyone who prioritises comfort with style.


History of Loungewear

Sleepwear has gone through a major evolution from the 1920s to the present day. Let’s explore the evolution of beauty, style, and fashion in the last century.
Right from the start humans have been exploring different means to cover themselves up, as clothing is a basic requirement of every human being. Then came the awareness that clothes should be comfortable enough to have a good night's sleep. Sleepwear found its origin in Europe and after a while, it started to adopt Egyptian, Roman, and Asian styles. The nightgowns were rather shapeless with no versatility and all of them were hand-stitched. In the 19th century, some innovation and style began taking shape to set a style statement. The concept of pyjama came from India during the 1920s and became the most sought-after sleepwear in no time. Pyjama sets with matching top and bottom were in, however, the style was only fit for getting into bed.

In the 1920s, sleepwear evolved into loungewear. Nightgowns were the sleepwear of choice and mimicked the style of the day dresses. Art Deco-influenced nightgowns in geometric and bias-cut styles were mostly in. In the 1930s silk sleepwear and lace trim came into fashion inspired by Hollywood movies. In the 1940’s robes with a quilted design and large pockets gained popularity. Women’s pyjamas continued to imitate the male designs in sleepwear. In the 1950s long tailored satin nightgowns with lace took over to make women feel elegant again after the war. In the 1960s sleepwear got shorter with the increasing popularity of “shorties” and the “babydoll nightgown”. Actress Janet Leigh wore the shorties in 1963’s film ‘Bye Bye Bride’. The matching bra and panty set gained popularity in the late 60s. In the 1970’s bold colours, patterns, and fringe started to appear. In the 1980s one-piece teddies were the favourite sleepwear among women, as worn by Nicolette Sheridan in ‘Knots Landing’. In the 1990s, the era of grunge and punk, it is no surprise that plaid flannel was the sleepwear of choice. Famous men’s sleepwear brand became immensely popular among women. In the 2000s colourful mix and match, separate pieces were on-trend. Fancy silk pyjamas were popular streetwear.

Though the sleepwear market existed for many years but the desire to wear it in a presentable and stylish manner got triggered in the last three decades when both men and women start getting into T-shirts, pyjamas, robes, track pants, hoodies and other high-quality fiber wear.


Types of Loungewear

Since ancient Egypt, women used to torture themselves to enhance their appearance. In the 1500s, women used poisonous hair dyes to bear a resemblance to the queen’s red tresses. They have put on corsets and bodice, compressing the abdominal organs just to look slim. Even now, women took extreme measures to look pretty, so sometimes they deserve to relax and wear comfy clothes.

There are many types of loungewear that are cute and stylish and allow you to have a fashion-forward look.



Tracksuits are no more just work-out clothes. They are made with soft and thick fabric similar to sweatsuits that are comfortable around the body. The pants have a matching jacket and come with drawstring waistbands and zip-up style. Tracksuits are made to fit loosely and come with or without hoods.



Wide-leg comfortable pyjamas are considered as the epitome of comfort. They are a must-have loungewear every girl must own. Pyjamas come with an adjustable waistband there are so many ways to style them up. A nice pair of pyjamas will give you a sense of confidence even around the house and make your lounging time even more comforting and pleasing.



If you are looking for a lighter top layer for your loungewear look, the hoodie is the best choice. Look for a simple hoodie with functional features. Hoodies with simple and subtle design and tones are perfect for a casual ensemble. Velvet touch fleece hoodies are comfortable yet chic, perfect for winters and fall, and great for those who want to stay warm.



Robes can not only provide relaxation but can also serve a variety of purposes which makes them an essential loungewear item. The robe can be a perfect morning buddy as it allows you to move with ease and gives the feeling of being still under the cozy sheets. You can easily do your hair and makeup or work in the kitchen while getting ready. You can sit in your office if you work from home without compromising the work ethic. A robe can definitely make your life easier in many ways.


Oversized Hoodie Blanket

Hoodie blankets are the most versatile loungewear and considered wearable blankets because they can be worn like clothes. Some people use it as a hoodie and some as a blanket. They are made of warm and soft fabrics and keep you toasty and cozy in winters. You can wear these while lounging at home, watching TV, playing video games, or even outdoors. The innovative design of this two-in-one loungewear makes winters least of your worries.



Jumpsuits are not only an outdoor clothing item but they are also used as loungewear. They are made with comfortable fabrics with stylish fitted styles. Jumpsuits have a cinched elastic waist that fits perfectly. These one-piece outfits look great on rectangular and athletic bodies as they define your body shape.


How to Choose Perfect Loungewear?

There are a few things that we need for living comfortably, top in that what we wear while sleeping. A night of comfortable sleep is necessary to deal with the pressures of our hectic life. This is the reason why investing in good sleepwear is not just necessary but mandatory. Most people struggle when it comes to choosing the perfect loungewear. Here are a few tips for you that will be helpful next time you go loungewear shopping.


Fabric Selection

Fabric plays a crucial role in determining the quality and comfort of loungewear. The fabric of the loungewear should feel and look exquisite, stretchy enough to enable free movement while not dragging out, and keeps its quality and performance after washing. Most people are tricked with super soft pyjamas, which become bumpy after a few washes. You can judge the fabric just by looking at it if it’s a high-quality or cheap one. Fabrics like silk and cotton will cool you down during summers. In winters, look for materials like flannel, fleece, wool, and cashmere to keep yourself warm and cozy during chilly nights.


Aesthetic Appeal

To strike a perfect balance between comfort and style, aesthetic appeal is very important. It is essential for purchase because women buy with their eyes. Aesthetics can be determined by the appearance of the fabric whether it is sleek or fuzzy, shiny or matt, transparent or opaque, and how much it gets wrinkled. Fabric aesthetics include fabric properties such as thickness, compressibility, bending property, extensibility, and stability.



Loungewear also needs to feel comfortable and good on the skin because it is worn on bare skin. Choose the garments that fit well and suit your skin. It should not itch, pinch nor be too tight or abrasive on the skin. Comfortable loungewear is the one that feels like wearing nothing.



Good loungewear should not be dirt-cheap if you want it to last long. The cheaper the product is, the shortest it will last. When you go for the expensive loungewear, it is more likely to maintain its appearance for a long time. We don’t buy loungewear that often as compared to other clothing, so it is an investment. Good loungewear is easy to take care of and should not pill, drag-out, or lost its colour. Besides, it should allow the customer to get maximum wear out of the product.



When it comes to the appearance of loungewear, pilling is the biggest concern. It is a surface defect that appears by the enlargement of loose thread-like structures that protrude from the fabric surface. It happens during washing and wearing under the influence of friction and rubbing.



We all crave something comfortable and cozy to relax after a long tiring day or if we are spending more time at home. Comfortable sleepwear is integral to good night sleep as it indulges in the time of relaxation at the end of the day and also set up the mood to sleep. Once you wear your comfy loungewear, it puts you in a sleeping mood. The comfort of the loungewear is embodied in the softness, stretchiness, and breathability of the fabric. Mostly loungewear is made of loose and non-clinging fabrics.



Loungewear must be functional which allows you to wear it in many ways. You should be able to wear it on many occasions, whether at the office, brunch, or home. Functionality requires the loungewear to perform well in different environments and should be stylish enough so you would not feel embarrassed to be seen in it. It should look good, keep you warm while still feeling relatively lightweight. 


Good Fit

When considering new sleepwear, it is important to find the ones with a good fit. When you invest in good quality, the presentation and fitting of the garment are much nicer. Choose the loungewear according to your body shape. Once you pick the right loungewear clothing, it is much easier to relax in it.


How to Style Loungewear?

Knowing how to style and put together loungewear in a way it looks daunting is really important. Perfectly styled loungewear is all about combining few simple yet well-made pieces with a focus on details. Everybody has personal taste and preferences to style their loungewear outfits, but by following these few rules you can take your modern loungewear look to the next level.


Wearing pyjamas outside is a hot trend these days. However, there is a trick to pull it off outdoors by giving it an outerwear look, because you don’t want to look like you just got out of bed. Try to add some graceful accessories such as statement jewellery pieces, stylish heels, or a stylish bag. The accessories play a crucial role and can make or break your entire look, so chose wisely.


Long sleeve tops with patterned top and bottom pieces are the best everyday loungewear. Shirt with little details or a small logo will make you overall look effortless while maintaining a sharp look. Cotton shirts are highly breathable and help retaining warmth in winters.


Robes can also be worn in many different ways. You can turn your silk or satin robe into a coat and pair it with jeans. You can achieve a perfect office look with your robe by pairing it with skirt, blouse, and statement shoes. If you have any short robe, it could be used as a jacket or clinch it from the waist and wear it as an elegant dress.


You can add style to your humble tracksuit and make it look more fashionable by wearing it as separate pieces. There is no hard and fast rule to wear top and pants together always. Try to pair pants with some cool sweaters for a more luxe look.


Stay away from bright colours and try to keep it as simple as possible. Go for the muted tones and neutral colours with few details. When you dress up in colours that compliment your natural skin tone, it looks beautiful.


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