Creating Comfort In Temporary Spaces: How To Use Throws And Cushions While Relocating

Temporarily relocating for a job or personal reasons can feel unsettling, but little changes in your setup can make a big difference. Imagine transforming an unfamiliar space into a cozy home with just a few throws and cushions. That is where the true comfort in temporary spaces begins. Adding soft, familiar touches creates a welcoming atmosphere that eases the stress of moving.


Importance Of Comfort In Temporary Spaces

Suppose you’re moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco for a new job and need to rent an apartment for a while. Finding yourself in an unfamiliar city and home can feel overwhelming. Thus, you should try to maintain a sense of normalcy and comfort. Visually pleasing environments significantly boost our mood and overall mental health. Throws and cushions are simple, cost-effective solutions that bring warmth and comfort, helping you feel settled quickly.


Why Less Is More With Throws And Cushions

When relocating, bringing every comfort item with you is tempting, but remember: less is more. Cushions and throws, while cozy, can be bulky and occupy valuable luggage space. In temporary spaces, it’s smart to prioritize versatility over quantity. Choose one or two high-quality throws that can double as a blanket or a decorative piece and a couple of cushions that offer comfort and style. This minimalist approach eases your load during transit and simplifies setting up and later packing up. Selecting fewer multi-functional items will streamline your moving process and keep your temporary space uncluttered and manageable.


Seek Help

Moving can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to consume all your energy or time. Choosing professional movers means you're paving the way for a smoother transition into your new space. Royal Moving and Storage, an LA-based moving company founded in 2012, gives the peace of mind that your belongings are in expert hands. Their comprehensive services include everything from packing and loading to safely storing and transporting your items. With their help, you can focus on decorating your temporary home.


Choose The Right Throws And Cushions

When picking throws and cushions, consider materials that are soft to the touch but also easy to clean. Microfiber, cotton, and fleece are great options because they’re durable and washable. The right color and pattern can do wonders, too. Choosing uplifting colors or interesting patterns can turn a drab room vibrant, making your temporary space feel more like home.


Strategic Placement For Maximum Comfort

It’s not just what you buy but how you use it. Place cushions and throws strategically around your new space to maximize comfort. Drape a throw over a less-than-perfect couch to spruce it up, or pile up cushions on the bed to create a plush retreat. Even better, you can use these items to define spaces in open areas, making large, impersonal spaces feel more structured and intimate.


Multipurpose Use Of Throws And Cushions

Beyond just aesthetics, throws and cushions can serve multiple practical purposes. A throw can double as a cozy blanket on a chilly evening or be spread on the floor for an impromptu seating area. Cushions can be rearranged to provide extra comfort or support your back during long work hours. These versatile pieces can be easily moved and adjusted as your needs change, ensuring your comfort wherever you settle.

In your living area, consider matching curtains and throws to create a cohesive look that feels intentional and styled. This simple pairing can lift the room's atmosphere, making your temporary accommodation feel more like a thoughtfully designed space.


Create Thematic And Harmonious Spaces

With throws and cushions, you can easily create a theme in your temporary space. For instance, a nautical theme with blue and white stripes can give you a sense of calm and order. Similarly, a vibrant bohemian theme using rich, colorful patterns can energize the room and lift your spirits. Here's how you can do this:

  • Use a consistent color scheme: Pick two main colors from your largest piece and carry these throughout the space.
  • Mix and match: With pairing patterns and textures, aim for a balanced look that feels dynamic but not cluttered. A floral print might pair well with a neutral geometric pattern, enhancing comfort in temporary spaces.


DIY Projects For Personalizing Throws And Cushions

Next, consider adding a personal touch using DIY projects. You could:

  • Sew new covers from old curtains or clothes.
  • Embroider names or meaningful dates on cushion covers.
  • Create no-sew covers using fabric glue for an easy update.

These projects make your space more personal and engage you creatively, which can relieve stress during the chaos of moving.


Maintenance And Care Tips

Maintaining your throws and cushions is crucial, especially when moving often. Here are some expanded easy care tips:

  • Wash throws and cushions regularly in cold water on a gentle cycle to preserve their colors and textures.
  • Use vacuum attachments to gently remove dust and crumbs from cushions, avoiding the need for frequent washes.
  • Store throws folded in drawers with sachets of lavender to keep them fresh and deter moths.
  • Treat stains immediately with a mild fabric cleaner following the manufacturer's instructions.
  • For throws that aren't machine washable, consider professional dry cleaning every few months to maintain their freshness and texture.



Finally, as you settle into your new but temporary home, remember that comfort in temporary spaces can be quickly and easily achieved with thoughtful use of throws and cushions. Consider them small investments in your happiness and mental well-being during transitions. After all, moving is tough, but your living space doesn’t have to be. Tonight, as you enjoy perhaps the best sleepwear for a good night's sleep, let the softness of the cushions and the warmth of the throws remind you that comfort is always within reach, no matter where you are.

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